作为家长, 你的孩子是你最关心的, and our Tehama County juvenile crimes lawyer understands this, which is why if your child is currently facing criminal charges, our firm is ready to help fight those charges in any way we can. 联系 欧博平台注册 today so you can tell us your story and we can begin mounting the best defense possible on your child’s behalf.


If your child has recently been contacted by the police, 被指控犯罪, or if you have been contacted by the Probation Department in your County, 现在是行动的时候了. 欧博平台注册 is asking to be contacted immediately upon any of the above events. His goal is to begin to immediately help both your child and your family. 在这里,时间是至关重要的. He will begin working to see if there can be an agreement with the District Attorney’s Office and Probation Department NOT to file a Juvenile Petition against your son or daughter. 如果递交了请愿书,Mr. Cohen is then certainly ready to assist and navigate the Juvenile Court System in order to protect your child’s rights.


In California, the Juvenile Court’s jurisdiction is over minors between the ages of 12 and 17. You should also note that even if your child committed a crime at this age, 尽管犯罪直到多年后才被发现, 他或她仍可能作为未成年人受审.


If your child was recently accused of juvenile delinquency, 在大多数情况下, he or she will appear before a judge in a juvenile detention hearing. Depending on the severity of the crime allegedly committed by your child, the judge will determine whether your child should remain in custody until the date of his or her jurisdictional hearing or be released to you, 父母或监护人, 直到今天.

Juvenile Delinquency proceedings are entirely different than adult criminal proceedings. In the case of a juvenile, there is no right to bail like in adult proceedings. The Court can simply “detain” a juvenile, in custody at the Juvenile Hall without a right to release.

Additionally, there is no right to a jury trial when it comes to juvenile delinquency proceedings. The Court will hold a jurisdictional hearing where evidence will be presented, 证人被传唤作证. 在听完所有证据之后, the Juvenile Court Judge will issue a ruling as to whether the allegations that were filed against your child will be deemed to be true and whether your child will be adjudged a Ward of the Court.

欧博平台注册对少年法庭系统非常了解. He has handled hundreds of Juvenile cases in his work as a former prosecutor. He has handled many serious juvenile matters as criminal defense counsel. He knows both sides of the law and how the law relates to each specific case. His goal, for both your child and your family, is to have any allegations simply dismissed.

If your child is found to have committed one or more of the allegations filed against him or her then the case will proceed to a Dispositional Hearing. 在这个阶段,奥巴马说. Cohen is keenly aware of all possible dispositional alternatives and works hard to ensure that any consequences levelled against your child are minimized, 是公平和公正的, 都是为了你的孩子好.

你的孩子可能面临的处罚从罚款到罚款不等, 归还, 社区服务, 完成一项特定的培训计划, and a Juvenile Hall or a State Rehabilitative Facility commitment.


There are various crimes that may warrant a child being charged as an adult in California. 例如, if your child is 14 years or older and is facing any of the following charges, 他或她可能被作为成年人起诉:

  • 谋杀
  • 谋杀未遂
  • 持械抢劫
  • 枪支犯罪
  • 绑架
  • 某些毒品犯罪
  • 强奸

If your child faces an adult prison sentence and he or she is under the age of 18, he will most likely be sent to the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) until he or she turns 18 years old. 在他或她18岁生日那天, 然而, your child will be sent to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


If you are under the age of 21 and you receive minor in possession of alcohol charges in California, 你面临的是轻罪, which will most likely entail the following penalties:

  • 一个很好的
  • 社区服务
  • 你将获得一份犯罪记录
  • 可能会被吊销一年的驾照, or, if you are not old enough to obtain a driver’s license, you will most likely face a one-year delay in your opportunity to obtain one.

你的人生还在后头呢, you need an attorney who can work to ensure that you are not bogged down with a criminal record because of one simple mistake.


如你所见, the potentially far-reaching effects of a juvenile crime can significantly impact your child’s life for years into the future. Attorney Cohen deeply cares about giving children the right to a clean start so they can move on to have bright, 富有成效的生活, and he is ready to work tirelessly on behalf of your child as well. 联系 欧博平台注册 today to schedule your initial, free, consultation.