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Red Bluff Criminal Lawyer

Criminal charges come with a wide array of consequences upon conviction, including incarceration and heavy fines, among many others, which is why you need an experienced Red Bluff criminal lawyer on your side who truly understands your future matters. Continue reading and contact Cohen Criminal Law to learn more about our firm and how we can effectively guide you through every step of the legal process ahead.

Red Bluff Criminal Lawyer | Fighting for Your Rights

If you have been charged with a crime in Red Bluff, Tehama County, or anywhere in California, you cannot afford to hire just any attorney–you need an attorney who cares about your right to live a free, productive life in the future, and you have just found that attorney in our Red Bluff criminal lawyer. Attorney Gregg Cohen has fought on behalf of clients facing criminal charges for over 30 years, and he is ready to put that experience to work for you today. Contact our office today!

Our Legal Services

Cohen Criminal Law handles a wide array of criminal cases, including the following:

  • Asset Seizures: If you are accused of illegally obtaining assets, such as money, jewelry, or even a vehicle, there is a very good chance that law enforcement seized those assets–perhaps wrongfully. For example, if law enforcement did not follow proper protocol or they had no legal authority to seize those assets in the first place, our firm can work to reobtain those assets on your behalf.
  • Domestic Violence: Domestic violence charges can ruin someone’s reputation and family, and if you’ve been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, you need a strong criminal defense attorney who will work to disprove any harmful allegations that may tarnish your good name and prevent you from living a free life.
  • DUI: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol often entails penalties that are far harsher than most people may think, which is why even if this is only your first DUI, you cannot afford to proceed without a knowledgeable Red Bluff criminal lawyer on your side.
  • Drug Crimes: When someone is convicted of drug possession charges, especially if it is believed that they had the intent to sell those drugs, there is a very good chance that they will face years behind bars. We are here to fight your possession charges at every turn.
  • Clearing Your Record: As you know, a criminal record can drastically affect someone’s life for years into the future. Fortunately, for many, certain crimes are eligible for expunction/dismissal, meaning that they may actually have the crime virtually cleared off their record after a certain amount of time. Our firm can help prove that your criminal record deserves to be expunged.
  • Gun Crimes: California has some of the most stringent gun laws in the country, which means that in many cases, a person can commit a gun crime without even realizing they were doing so. Regardless of the circumstances of your charge, our Red Bluff criminal lawyer is here to help.
  • Juvenile Offenses: While we all make mistakes from time to time, the truth is, children are far more likely to make serious mistakes. However, if your child has been charged with a crime, it is critical that you hire a knowledgeable lawyer who believes that your child should not face the long-term penalties of a criminal record when he or she has so many bright years ahead.
  • Before/After Police Contact: Oftentimes, when someone is suspected of committing a crime, they fear the worst. However, just because you are a suspect does not mean you will necessarily have to face criminal charges. Our Tehama County pre-file case attorney can work to ensure that any suspicions about you are quelled before your case even officially opens.
  • Theft: Oftentimes, people steal things due to a simple lapse of judgment, such as by taking an item off a shelf. That being said, doing so is a crime, and though it is always wrong to steal, you should not face years of hardship because of a mistake, or, in other cases, a simple misunderstanding.
  • Traffic/ CDL Defense: Many people do not believe it necessary to hire an attorney if they’ve been charged with speeding, reckless driving, or another traffic violation. However, these violations can have long-term implications, and at times, they can warrant the suspension of a person’s driver’s license, which is why if you are currently facing a traffic violation, you should strongly consider speaking with a dedicated Red Bluff traffic violations lawyer at once.
  • Violent Crimes: Violent crimes make up some of the most heinous crimes someone can commit, such as those involving murder, armed robbery, and more. These crimes can carry serious penalties that may even result in you spending your life in prison, which is why you cannot afford to wait another day to speak with an attorney after being charged with one.
  • White-Collar Crimes: When people hear the word “crime,” they generally do not imagine someone in a business suit. However, white-collar crimes are more common than you may think, and if you are currently being charged with one, your reputation, and possibly your future, are on the line. Our firm can help.

Contact Our Red Bluff Criminal Lawyer

Regardless of the charges you are currently facing, you need an attorney who has years of experience to fight for your right to a free life. We proudly serve clients in Weaverville, Shasta, Corning, Tehama, Los Molinos, Redding, Shingletown, Shasta County, Cottonwood, Willows, Trinity County, Igo, Burney, Lewiston, Hamilton City, and Glenn County. We also help those charged with crimes in Proberta, Gerber, Manton, Capay, Shasta Lake City, Bella Vista, Millville, Lakehead, Anderson, Orland, French Gulch, Whitmore, Artois, Trinity Center, Junction City, Douglas City, Hayfork, and Rancho Tehama. Contact Cohen Criminal Law today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm so we can begin developing the best strategy possible on your behalf.

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